Power: reliable, clean, and simple.

The ability of Flex Turbines® to run on a wide variety of fuel ranging from poor quality “problem” gasses up to the pure propane provides greater operational flexibility and reliability. We help you put power where you need it.


Flex Turbines deliver clean, reliable, distributed power that helps businesses realize:

  • Wide fuel tolerance
  • Minimized environmental footprint by reduced flaring
  • Reduced OPEX with unprocessed site gas
  • Increased production revenue
  • Minimized environmental footprint
  • Power where it is physically needed, when it is needed
  • Remote power with greater reliability than from a utility and without the large infrastructure costs
  • Environmental compliance with a wide range of waste gasses
    – Eliminate diesel use
    – Use gas existing on-site

Flex Turbines operate on primary fuel gas (such as landfill gas, digester gas, biogas, casing gas, wellhead gas, flare gas, tank vapors, etc.) but have an option to auto-switch to backup fuel gas, such as propane or other available gas, when the primary fuel gas is not available. The turbines continue to run when the primary fuel switches back on. This seamless fuel supply switching is only available with fuel gas tolerant Flex Turbines.