Power: reliable, clean, and simple.

For areas with the challenge of unpredictable power and during intermittent grid or extended outages, FlexEnergy Solutions makes it simple for commercial and industrial facilities to maintain control of their own power generation.

resilient power
reliable electricity
reliable electricity

The ability to provide round-the-clock power also means that Flex Turbines® pair well with demand response programs, as companies can simply switch them on during times of peak demand and earn additional revenue for their business.

Flex Turbines can operate parallel to the utility grid and come equipped with required paralleling gear in the control enclosure of each machine. This enables customers to offset the power they buy from the local utility.

For areas with the challenge of unpredictable utility power, the Flex Turbine comes equipped with Closed Transition Dual Mode functionality, which enables the provision of seamless energy during intermittent or extended grid power. Facilities can continue critical power supply or continue production and revenue generation regardless of the grid status. The security of energy provided by the Dual Mode Flex Turbine avoids shutdowns and costly plant restarts when the utility finally restores power.