Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.
Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.

Use of CHP helps facilities simultaneously meet CO2 reduction and environmental conservation goals




Energy intensive businesses have an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to costly and unreliable utility power. FlexEnergy Solutions makes it simple for commercial and industrial facilities to take control of their own clean power generation — at a lower cost than utilities can offer. The Flex Turbine® is ideal for 24/7 combined heat and power (CHP), an efficient and clean approach to generating electric power and useful heat or cooling. Instead of purchasing electricity from the grid and separately burning fuel to produce energy on-site, CHP provides both services in one, energy-efficient step. Use of CHP helps facilities simultaneously meet their CO2 reduction and environmental conservation goals.

INSTITUTIONS. One large network of buildings, living spaces, and research facilities on an adjoining property make institutional campuses, (i.e. universities, hospitals, military bases, etc.) ideal candidates for CHP, Distributed Generation, and microgrids. Having a reliable energy supply and the ability to integrate a variety of generation assets are the main drivers for implementing a microgrid. They also help reduce costs. Flex Turbines offer a more efficient means of producing energy, which equates directly to utility savings. In addition, carbon reduction incentives are often available, further offsetting costs.

HOSPITALS. For hospitals and critical care facilities, loss of electricity can also mean lost revenue, the loss of valuable research materials, higher insurance premiums, and overtime pay for staff.

Flex Turbines are a superior energy resource for hospitals because they support non-life safety loads continuously with dual mode operation during grid outages. With the ever-increasing frequency and severity of weather-related events, grid outages are becoming more common. The onsite generation resource of Flex Turbines enables hospitals to provide all services during grid outages without interruption.



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