Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.
Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.

Electric and thermal efficient power generation that offsets utility costs

The process of extracting CBD oil from hemp requires that moisture be removed from harvested hemp before the dry plant matter is pressed. This drying process consumes significant amounts of thermal energy to vaporize and expel water, in addition to electricity to power conveyors, separators, and other production machinery. Gas turbines are ideal because they produce both thermal and electrical energy: beside ‘keeping lights on’, ‘waste’ heat from gas turbines can be harvested to heat (and dry) plant matter. This dual power profile is called ‘cogeneration’ and brings gas turbines close to 80% efficiency. Cogeneration or CHP (from gas turbines is so efficient and eco-friendly an option for power generation that – when thermal loads are part of the power generation profile – the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency advise them. Gas turbines are ideally suited for operations that cannot afford ‘grid down’ scenarios. Plus, thermal energy can be stored for use, electricity can be fed into the public grid or used for artificial lighting, and an optional full island lighting control system is available.



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