Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.
Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.

Sturdy enough for extreme conditions—including cold weather, high elevation, hazardous climates, and offshore environments, the modular, transportable Flex Turbine® fits any island or remote power site need. Designed for remote monitoring operation, including automatic communications for alarms and trips means no on-site turbine supervision is needed, so your teams can focus on what makes them most productive.

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Regardless of the site’s location or extreme temperatures, customers get quality off-grid power with higher reliability, without the infrastructure costs and environmental impacts that result from diesel generators. Flex Turbines can even reduce the emissions of the site as a whole, by running on the widest range of gasses available, including gas existing on site.


Designed to power isolated microgrids, FlexEnergy Solutions’ FlexGrid design deploys modular Flex Turbines to fit remote power site needs. With its wide operating range and embedded controls, each Flex Turbine automatically and actively synchronizes to other units in the FlexGrid. Multiple Flex Turbine units operate seamlessly together to run distributed loads, while sharing and shedding power, and maintaining stable grid conditions 24/7.

Each Flex Turbine unit is packaged with a generator braking resistor (GBR) for deploying reserve power; and absorbing excess power. Distributed Flex Turbines on the FlexGrid provide constant, consistent, clean power, while the GBRs modulate as needed, allowing individual units to follow cyclical, transient, and spike loads on the isolated grid.

When a customer requires more power, additional Flex Turbine units are simply added to the FlexGrid to run the increased load. The Flex Turbine controls maintain the optimum load on each turbine, resulting in steady voltage and frequency to power production loads.

The FlexGrid solution offers built-in redundancy. If one unit is shut down, the remaining turbines in the FlexGrid increase output to effectively carry the load. This design philosophy provides the automatic backup and adjustments needed so the customer’s equipment can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without shutdown.