Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.
Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.

FlexEnergy Solutions Launches 3.7 MW Power Solution for New Oil & Gas Customer in the Delaware Basin

Flex Energy Solutions recently announced that a leading oil and gas producer has deployed 13 Flex Turbine® generators to provide reliable, clean power at a key Delaware Basin site.

The operator is a premier independent E&P company with significant operations in the Basin. This is the operator’s first installation of Flex Turbine gas generators in this basin.

The customer’s fleet of six GT333S and seven GT250S turbines provide a combined 3.7 MW of high-quality power in a remote location underserved by the utility. This Flex Turbine microgrid solution provides reliable, modular, low-emissions power fueled by onsite gases to avoid flaring or venting.

The modular design makes it easy to scale up to meet increasing power needs. Multiple Flex Turbine units operate seamlessly together to run distributed loads while sharing and shedding power to maintain stable grid conditions 24/7.

Flex Turbines provide high uptime, requiring only eight hours of scheduled maintenance per year. Wide fuel tolerance makes the Flex Turbine an ideal choice for oil and gas operations, where associated gas and tank vapors may contain impurities, including H2S, CO2, and oxygen. The Flex Turbine also has a low-emissions footprint and eliminates the need for diesel transport, simultaneously cutting added emissions from typical diesel- or gas-powered reciprocating engine turbines.

The customer has committed to expanding their partnership with FlexEnergy Solutions by deploying additional Flex Turbine gas generators at a new location early next year. This follow-on order will increase their capacity to more than 7.7 MW of clean, reliable power.