Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.
Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.

FlexEnergy Solutions Installs Flex Turbine Power Solution for New Oil & Gas Customer in The Permian Basin

  • Large independent E&P deployed four GT 333S Flex Turbine® generators to convert associated natural gas into reliable baseload power for its oil production operations in the Permian Basin
  • The solution provides reliable and clean power in a remote location under served by the local utility

FlexEnergy Solutions today announced that a large oil and gas producer with significant operations in the Permian Basin has deployed four GT 333S Flex Turbine® generators to provide clean, reliable power at two production pads in the Permian Basin.

The operator is a large independent E&P company with operations focused on the Delaware Basin region of the Permian Basin in New Mexico and several other basins across the U.S.

This is the first installation of Flex Turbines for the operator.

Each pad is equipped with two GT 333S Flex Turbines that provide a combined 666 Kilowatts of electric power providing reliable and clean electric power for production equipment and facilities. The modular design of the Flex Turbine makes it easy to scale up to meet increasing power needs. The Flex Turbines run on associated gas produced at the well sites, converting flare gas and tank vent gas into reliable and clean power in remote locations.

The Flex Turbine provides for high uptime, requiring only eight hours of scheduled maintenance per year. Wide fuel tolerance makes the Flex Turbine an ideal choice for oil and gas operations, where associated gas and tank vapors may contain impurities, including H2S, CO2 and Oxygen. The Flex Turbine also has a low emissions footprint and eliminates the need for diesel transport, simultaneously cutting added emissions from typical diesel- or gas-powered reciprocating engine turbines.

“Demand from leading upstream oil and gas operators is on the rise for our clean, highly reliable power solutions,” said Brian Antal, VP Sales and Marketing with FlexEnergy. “Reliable power is essential for high uptime in remote areas, and the Flex Turbine’s light emissions footprint means operators can simultaneously secure the power they need with emissions performance that can help them achieve their environmental performance goals.”

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FlexEnergy Solutions is a leader in reliable, clean and flexible power solutions to upstream and midstream oil and gas operators that require consistent, reliable power ranging from 250 kW to 10 MW. We lease and service the most resilient, clean gas turbines available for off-grid or grid parallel applications. Our turbines are ideal for remote, extreme climates and our customers rely on our ability to deliver the highest quality engineering, power, and support 24/7, 365 days per year.


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