Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.
Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.

FlexEnergy Chosen for Combined Heat and Power Solution for Multiple Church Facilities

  • Back-to-back orders of Flex Turbines to provide clean and reliable electric power for two religious facilities
  • Flex Turbines operate in Dual Mode seamlessly transitioning to/from grid parallel with local utilities to island mode
  • Reliability and cost control dramatically improved by Combined Heat and Power application

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., Jan. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  FlexEnergy Inc. today announced that it has been chosen by a global church to provide a clean and reliable Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution for two of its large worship facilities located in the United States. The customer purchased two Flex Turbine® GT333S units, each providing 0.33 Megawatts of power and combined heat.

In the first application, the Flex Turbine will be installed indoors and use natural gas provided by the local utility as the fuel source. The facility is located in an urban environment and the Flex Turbine will be outfitted with low sound attenuation, an onboard low-pressure fuel booster and cogeneration capabilities operating in parallel with the local electrical utility. The waste heat generated by the Flex Turbine will be used for building heat.   The unit was shipped in December 2018 and is expected to be commissioned in early 2019.

In the second application, the Flex Turbine will be installed outdoors and use natural gas provided by the local utility as the fuel source. Located in a suburban environment, the unit is outfitted with the low sound attenuation option, an onboard low-pressure fuel booster, black start capabilities and a single unit import controller operating in parallel with the local electrical utility with seamless transition into island mode and back to the grid included. The waste heat generated by the turbine exhaust will be ducted to a direct-fired absorption chiller for cooling the facility. Outlier Energy placed the order in December 2018 and the unit is scheduled to ship late in the first quarter of 2019.

In both applications, the Flex Turbines will operate in parallel with the local electric utilities and in one installation be capable of operating independently of the electric grid. When a facility experiences an unplanned power interruption from the grid, the onsite turbine will disconnect from the utility while staying connected to the site in grid isolated (island) mode, enabling a seamless transition to ensure loads are maintained and uninterrupted. When utility power returns, the turbine performs a closed transition to grid parallel operation with the utility, continuing to support the site loads.

Flex designed the solution and sold the equipment to the customer through its channel partner, Outlier Energy. Outlier Energy has over 50 years of experience in development, implementation and operation of energy projects worldwide including over 1,000 Megawatts of distributed generation projects.

Marshall Hammond, CEO of Outlier Energy said, “We are excited to strategically partner with FlexEnergy targeting several key global accounts that require Combined Heat and Power Solutions. The robust and reliable design of the Flex Turbine is a great solution for our customers.”

Mark Schnepel, President of FlexEnergy said, “Combined Heat and Power applications are part of our core business and the Flex Turbine has proven a reliable, cost-competitive option for organizations seeking to maximize the economics associated with operating, heating and cooling of their facilities. Large churches, temples and other buildings such as offices, hospitals, educational institutions and government facilities need quiet and reliable heat and power solutions that meet their sustainability goals. We are pleased to partner with Outlier Energy to provide a reliable and efficient solution for their customers.”

About Outlier Energy
Outlier Energy assists clients to generate their own energy by developing on-site energy generation and management systems.  Operating on a technology-agnostic and customer-centric approach, Outlier achieves repeatable, bankable results in partnership with world-class vendors that endure for decades.  For more information please contact the company at OutlierEnergy.com.

About FlexEnergy
FlexEnergy is a privately held, New Hampshire-based manufacturer of the highest quality and most robust small gas turbine generators and heat exchangers available.   Via a collaborative sales process, FlexEnergy works with each customer to provide clean, reliable, and flexible solutions.  FlexEnergy’s 250kW, 333kW, and 1.3MW gas turbines provide highly reliable, low maintenance, and low emissions electricity and heat to global customers, often in remote areas where the electric grid can be unreliable, expensive, or altogether absent.  Developed over the course of two decades by Ingersoll Rand before being acquired by FlexEnergy in 2010, FlexEnergy turbine technology provides the cleanest source of cost effective power and is uniquely suitable to a wide range of power generation applications.  FlexEnergy’s innovative and compact heat exchangers create value from heat that would otherwise be wasted.  FlexEnergy is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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