Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.
Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.

FlexEnergy Commissions Multiple Units in Puerto Rico to Power Manufacturing Operations

FlexEnergy Commissions Multiple Units in Puerto Rico to Power Manufacturing Operations

  • Flex Turbines to provide clean and reliable electric power to a manufacturer and marketer of animal feed, fertilizers and veterinary medicines
  • Flex Turbines work in dual power mode in parallel with local utility
  • Reliability and cost control dramatically improved by Combined Heat and Power application
  • Site operates on a clean and reliable Propane fuel source

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (December 19, 2018) – FlexEnergy Inc. today announced that it has commissioned a site for a leading manufacturer of animal feeds and fertilizers to farm and home markets in Puerto Rico.  The customer purchased two Flex Turbine® GT333S units as the central part of a Combined Heat and Power solution.  The two units provide 0.660 Megawatts of clean and reliable power for the customer’s primary manufacturing plant running on propane fuel.

In this application, the Flex Turbines will operate in dual power mode in parallel with the local PREPA utility in normal operation.  When PREPA experiences an unplanned service interruption, the units perform a closed transition, disconnecting from the utility while staying connected to the site loads in grid isolated mode.  This configuration ensures priority loads are maintained and manufacturing operations can continue uninterrupted through a utility power outage. When utility power returns, the turbines perform a closed transition to parallel operation with the utility, continuing to support the site loads.

The Flex Turbines are integrated with a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and FlexEnergy exhaust diverters. The waste heat generated from the Flex Turbines is fed into the HRSG to produce steam, which is used in the manufacturing process. When steam is not required, the Flex exhaust diverters send the exhaust out the turbine exhaust stacks. The entire solution is controlled by a FlexEnergy Supervisory Control Master unit, which provides for remote monitoring and control.

The solution is designed to provide the customer’s manufacturing plant reliable power in a region prone to unexpected power service interruptions, primarily as the result of hurricane activity. Shutting down manufacturing processes and then restarting them is expensive, time-consuming and can negatively impact customer service and profitability. The FlexEnergy solution improves the customer’s ability to operate 24/7 and minimize the negative impacts of business interruptions often encountered on island locations.

Flex designed the solution and sold the equipment to the customer through its channel partner, Tetrad Enterprises. Tetrad has over 15 years of experience in project management and engineering with an experienced team of engineers.

Luigi Hernandez, Director of Business Development for Tetrad said, “Our customer required an efficient and robust system to proactively address unpredictable service interruptions. We chose FlexEnergy products due to their unmatched reliability. Also, our customer required the solution to be highly efficient with minimal impact on emissions. These requirements made our choice of FlexEnergy’s products an easy one.”

Mark Schnepel, President of FlexEnergy said, “Puerto Rico, like many Caribbean islands, is vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms.  Energy resiliency and reliability is essential for local businesses in order to maintain operations during electricity outages, and power solutions must be cost competitive in the global economy. We are pleased to partner with Tetrad Energy to provide a reliable and efficient power solution to their customers using propane fuel.”

About Tetrad Energy

Tetrad Energy, based in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico is the exclusive distributor for FlexEnergy products in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. For more information please call 877.394.8097 or email sales@tetradenergy.com.

About FlexEnergy

FlexEnergy provides reliable, clean and simple field power solutions to the oil and gas industry. Our high-performance, low-emission and high-uptime gas turbine power solutions deliver the lowest cost of field power over the life of the asset. Customized leasing packages for the Flex Turbine® help operators secure reliable power, reduce flaring, methane venting and air pollution at oil and gas facilities and industrial plants without major capital investments. FlexEnergy is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


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