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Flex Leasing Power and Service Selected by Supermajor E&P to Provide a Field Power Solution in the Delaware Basin

  • Flex Leasing Power and Service selected as field power solution for production facilities
  • Flex passed a rigorous technical review to approve engineered solution
  • Reliability, low emissions, safety and fuel tolerance key factors in decision process
  • First application, in June 2018, was commissioning of seven GT333S Flex Turbine units providing 2.3 Megawatts of power for an SWD facility
  • Flex Leasing Power and Service in discussions with Operator to provide field power solution to three additional sites with 1.5 Megawatts of power deliverability

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO (November 06, 2018) – Flex Leasing Power and Service, the leader in reliable and clean field power solutions for the oil and gas industry, today announced that it was selected by a Supermajor oil and natural gas exploration and production company to provide a field power solution using patented Flex Turbine technology. The initial project is in the Delaware Basin region of the larger Permian Basin, and area of active oil and gas development.

The Flex Turbine uses proprietary technology and design to generate electric power from any natural gas source, including wellhead gas and tank vapors, and successfully operates on wet rich gas, lean gas and even gas containing Hydrogen Sulfide. The Flex Turbine’s wide fuel tolerance, modularity, reliability and on-site flexibility makes the Flex Turbine uniquely suited to oil and gas operations.

The Operator was experiencing reliability issues with a competing solution, powered by reciprocating engines. At the time, the incumbent provider’s solution to generator failure was complete replacement of the unit. The Operator was dissatisfied with this practice, because it resulted in unnecessary and frequent visits to the facility, increasing the potential for workplace injuries and in general reduced the efficiency of field operations by causing unnecessary downtime when a unit failed and had to be replaced, requiring staff to be on site when a unit needed replacing.

The Operator contacted Flex Leasing Power and Service in April 2018. The Operator’s Technical Authority team subjected the Flex Turbine and solution designed by Flex Leasing Power and Service to a rigorous technical review. The review lasted approximately two months and involved multiple meetings with technical staff, including electrical engineers, turbine experts and production engineers.

The methodical review focused on reliability, maintenance needs, safety, fuel tolerance, emissions and quality of power. The Operator also performed an exacting hazardous operation review, in which Flex exceeded expectations. At the end of the technical review, Flex Leasing Power and Service was thoroughly vetted and approved as a field power solutions provider to the Operators’ North American onshore and offshore operations.

The first application was the commissioning of seven GT333S Flex Turbine units providing 2.3 Megawatts of power for an SWD facility in June 2018. Currently, Flex Leasing Power and Service is in discussions with the Operator to provide a field power solution to three additional sites with 1.5 Megawatts of power deliverability.

The Flex Turbines leased by the Operator provide reliable, clean and cost-effective power for its saltwater disposal and central transfer facilities in the area of operation.

Doug Baltzer, President of Flex Leasing Power and Service, said: “We are pleased to be approved by a global supermajor to provide field power solutions for their production facilities. Our team, and the Flex Energy turbine, were subjected to an intense technical review by one of the world’s leading E&P companies. To be thoroughly vetted by some of the most experienced technical staff in the industry provides confidence in our capabilities and highlights the reasons for the growing market acceptance of our field power solutions. Reliability, emissions and safety were key factors in the selection and approval of our solution. Our fleet of over 200 Flex Turbine units is powering oilfield operations in North America with a track record of more than 2.5 million continuous hours of operations.”

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Flex Leasing Power and Service provides reliable, clean and simple field power solutions to the oil and gas industry. Our high-performance, low-emission and high-uptime gas turbine power solutions deliver the lowest cost of field power over the life of the asset. Customized leasing packages for the Flex Turbine® help operators secure reliable power, reduce flaring, methane venting and air pollution at oil and gas facilities and industrial plants without major capital investments. FLPS is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and has field locations in North Dakota, Texas, and Alberta, Canada.


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