Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.
Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.

Case Study: Reliable Power from Wet Rich Wellhead Gas

Reliable, low maintenance power in remote areas is an ongoing problem for E&P operators. Remote production facilities need continuous, reliable electricity to run artificial lifts, ESPs, jet pumps, transfer pumps, and other equipment. In addition, operators in many regions are facing increasingly stringent limitations on natural gas capture rates and atmospheric emissions.

In this case study, we cover how a major operator in Alberta, Canada solved the problem of providing reliable, clean power to its remote oil and gas production operations. The case study goes over the challenges faced by the operator, the solution they chose, and the resulting benefits.

Reliable Power from Wet Rich Wellhead Gas

Discover how E&P operators can use associated gas to fuel reliable, clean power for field operations.

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Flex Leasing Power and Service provides reliable, clean and simple field power solutions to the oil and gas industry. Our high-performance, low-emission and high-uptime gas turbine power solutions deliver the lowest cost of field power over the life of the asset. Customized leasing packages for the Flex Turbine® help operators secure reliable power, reduce flaring, methane venting, and air pollution at oil and gas facilities and industrial plants without major capital investments. FLPS is headquartered in Denver, and has field locations in North Dakota, Texas, and Alberta, Canada.

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