Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.
Power: clean, dispatchable, and reliable.

FlexEnergy Announces New High Efficiency Integrated Heat Recovery Module

Portsmouth, N.H., July 24, 2016 – FlexEnergy Inc. announced the release of a new integrated exhaust heat recovery module for it’s GT333S microturbine powered electric generators. The newly released heat recovery module will allow FlexEnergy to improve its market leading microturbine products with increased efficiency and improved performance.

“Energy efficiency and specifically Combined Heat and Power (CHP), is a large and important market to our company, said Mark Schnepel, President and Chief Executive Officer at FlexEnergy. “Market analyses show this market growing from its current size of $400 million plus per year, to several billion dollars annually in the coming decade. Our product development team is focused on positioning our ultra clean energy products as market leaders in order for FlexEnergy to capture as much of this market as possible,” added Mr. Schnepel

The newly upgraded CHP module increases the overall efficiency of the FlexEnergy system, while allowing customers to select this option in an integrated simple package. The integrated hot water heat recovery module will allow the customer to recover up to an additional 545 kilowatts of thermal energy to be used as part of their process hot water or in an absorption chiller.

“FlexEnergy keeps an eye on innovation in order to maximize the value proposition of our products and strengthen our position as a leader in the Combined Heat and Power market, said Douglas Demaret, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FlexEnergy. “Our newly released heat recovery product continues this tradition, allowing our product to achieve greater than 80% total system efficiency, while being the only fully integrated heat recovery module in it’s class,” added Mr. Demaret.

FlexEnergy is a Portsmouth, New Hampshire based manufacturer of highly efficient, extremely low emission gas turbine products. For more information or media contact please call 877.477.6937 or email info@flexenergy.com.


About FlexEnergy Inc.

FlexEnergy is a privately-held, New Hampshire-based manufacturer of the highest quality and most robust small gas turbines available in their class. FlexEnergy’s 250kW and 333kW cogeneration combined heat and power (CHP) gas turbines provide highly reliable, low maintenance, and low emissions electricity and heat to global customers, often in remote areas where the electric grid can be unreliable, expensive, or altogether absent. Developed over the course of two decades by Ingersoll Rand before being acquired by FlexEnergy in 2010, Flex turbine technology features a highly robust synchronous generator for larger gas turbines. Uniquely capable of handling varying or cycling loads in remote oil field power generation, this offers significant advantages in the field and allows for the combustion of a wider range of gases, including flare gas.

For more information or media contact please call 877.477.6937 or email info@flexenergy.com.

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