Power: reliable, clean, and simple.

Heat, whether it is generated by electric power, natural gas or any other fuel source is used in nearly every industrial process.

Using waste heat recovery, customers can salvage as much heat as possible from their facility’s process gases and put it back to work for them. Flex Energy Solutions’ highly efficient gas-to-gas Heat Exchanger designs are the most advanced available, allowing wasted heat to be captured and put to work to dramatically improve process efficiency. Our heat transfer solutions help customers reduce energy consumption, achieve specific system performance goals and maximize the efficiency of their mechanical assets.

CAPACITY. Our heat exchanger solutions have been used in multiple applications from 500W to 20+ MW, providing waste heat utilization and thermal cycle efficiency improvements needed to reduce operating costs and increase reliability.

MATERIALS. We use a variety of materials to create units capable of performing in nearly every temperature environment, including super alloys like Inconel, and Hastelloy as well as many grades of stainless steel for high heat applications.

CUSTOMIZED. Our Heat Exchangers are highly customizable and adaptable to different applications and design constraints.