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Critical power that eliminates energy price volatility

MANUFACTURING. Many manufacturing processes, such as pharmaceutical, require strict sterility compliance and involve precisely controlled operations. Thus, a highly reliable energy source is critical to consistently power research and manufacturing facilities. Cogeneration, or combined heat and power (CHP) from Flex Turbines® provide the industry with an ideal solution. As compared to competing solutions, the unrivaled uptime Flex Turbines deliver, help manufacturing facilities reduce energy price volatility and greenhouse gas emissions. CHP simultaneously delivers numerous operational benefits as well.

DATA CENTERS. one of the highest electric energy consumers, require high-quality and extremely reliable energy to ensure continuous operation. This typically results in substantial electricity costs. Extended blackouts may not only result in production and sale losses but can also damage your product, particularly if climate control is critical to your inventory. According to Information Technology Intelligence Consulting, an hour of outage downtime costs data center operators, on average, $260,000. Heat recovery from Flex Turbines also powers absorption chillers to support the significant cooling loads typically needed to keep data center servers from overheating.



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