FlexEnergy Receives Order for Southern California Oil Field Installation


The FlexTurbine™ Offers Attractive Solution for Oil Field Gas That Would Otherwise Be Flared

Portsmouth, N.H., June 2, 2015 – FlexEnergy, manufacturer of the world’s only synchronous generator-based microturbines, announced that an oil and gas operating company recently placed an order with FlexEnergy to power multiple pump jacks in a Southern California oil field. With emissions ten times lower than a typical diesel-fired engine generator and significantly lower than a gas reciprocating engine, the FlexTurbine™ is the first microturbine to be certified to the California Air Resource Board’s 2007 emissions standards.

Unlike other technologies that require expensive fuel treatment to run on the same gases, FlexEnergy’s microturbines run on a wide range of flare gases that are associated with oil production. Creating useable power from associated gases that would normally be flared greatly reduces harmful emissions. FlexEnergy’s ability to use these flare gases in the operation of its turbines also lowers fuel-related operating costs.

FlexEnergy’s microturbines have a strong track record of extremely high uptime in various environments around the world, ensuring that customers optimize their project economics. FlexEnergy’s CEO Mark Schnepel commented, “FlexEnergy gas turbines have a proven track record of safety and reliability. With their low sound option, the Flex turbines are clearly the best fit for this flare gas to power application in a populated area of Southern California.”

FlexEnergy offers its customers highly personalized support. Schnepel said, “Our new oil and gas customer appreciates the ability to pick up the phone at any time and speak to the right person about questions or concerns.”

About FlexEnergy Inc.

FlexEnergy is a privately-held, New Hampshire-based manufacturer of the highest quality and most robust small gas turbines available in their class. FlexEnergy’s 250kW and 333kW cogeneration combined heat and power (CHP) gas turbines provide highly reliable, low maintenance, and low emissions electricity and heat to global customers, often in remote areas where the electric grid can be unreliable, expensive, or altogether absent. Developed over the course of two decades by Ingersoll Rand before being acquired by FlexEnergy in 2010, Flex turbine technology features a highly robust synchronous generator for larger gas turbines. Uniquely capable of handling varying or cycling loads in remote oil field power generation, this offers significant advantages in the field and allows for the combustion of a wider range of gases, including flare gas. Please visit www.flexenergy.com for more information.

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