Landfill Gas Renewable Energy

See how Flex Turbines are running on treated landfill gas, preventing flaring and supplying baseload renewable energy.

Revenue is created from otherwise wasted methane gas with the Flex Turbine®.

Landfills globally produce millions of tons of methane each year. The world’s greenhouse gas reduction goals target capturing and using this methane rather than venting and flaring. The Flex Turbine® generates power from lower quality landfill gas that contains as little as 30% methane. This ability to handle gas with such low BTU content helps to reduce flaring and prolong the renewable energy production from a landfill’s methane resource.

With less than 9 ppmv of NOx the Flex Turbine® readily meets air quality standards and environmental regulations. The Flex Turbine® with its proven reliability runs continuously on conditioned landfill gas, supplying both clean air and 24/7 renewable energy.


Active Landfill Closed Landfill

Active Landfill

  • CARB Waste Gas Certified
  • Over 250,000 operating hours

Renewable Energy Project

  • Multiple Flex Turbine® GT250s producing up to 2.25 MW
  • Offsetting onsite load and selling baseload renewable electricity

Environmental Value:

  • Flare reduction and emissions control
  • Renewable electricity contributes to Renewable Portfolio Standard

Closed Landfill

  • Commissioned in 2009
  • CARB Waste Gas Certified

Renewable Energy Project

  • Three Flex Turbines® GT250s producing 750 kW
  • Selling baseload renewable electricity for up to $600k per year

Environmental Value:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Contributes to city’s Renewable Portfolio Standard

Features and Benefits

  • Widest range of fuels accepted in FlexEnergy’s patented combustor
  • Low emissions
  • Quiet operation (77 dB @ 1m)
  • Low maintenance – only one (1) planned maintenance per year
  • Modular design for ultimate in reliability and system availability