Heat Exchanger Technology

Flex Recuperator®

The Flex Recuperator® is the most advanced gas to gas heat exchanger available. For over two decades, Flex Recuperator® technology has been used in gas turbines from 70 kW to 20+ MW capacities, in land and sea based applications. With industry leading scalable designs, the Flex Recuperator® is tailored to fit existing products needing heat recovery, waste heat utilization and thermal cycle efficiency improvements to stay competitive in today’s energy market.

FlexEnergy’s thermal mechanical and product manufacturing teams turns the client’s requirements for high temperature materials, high cycles, and compact packaging into a cost-effective durable Flex Recuperator® design. The client’s product has improved energy efficiency and reduced CO2 footprint .

Features and Benefits

Efficiency and High Performance

  • High Efficiency: >90% typical design effectiveness significantly improve gas turbine cycle efficiency
  • High Temperature: >1200°F capable
  • Low Pressure Drop Design

Scaleable and Durable

  • Design and Manufacturing experience for 70 kW to 20+ MW gas turbines
  • Single high temperature metal and hybrid high temperature metal combinations
  • High thermal cycle tolerance

Environmental Benefit

  • Reduce CO2 emissions with lower fuel usage in gas turbine cycle
  • Helps decrease NOx emissions with high combustion inlet temperature
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Flex Recuperator®

Value Proposition

  • Reduce fuel consumption from higher efficiency for gas turbines
  • Improved part power performance for gas turbines