FlexEnergy Commissions Combined Heat & Power Solution for a Leading University

  • Leading private university chose the Flex Turbine® as the foundation of CHP project
  • Combined capacity of units equal to 1.0 Megawatt of power
  • The Flex Turbine is certified by the California Air Resources Board complying to its stringent distributed generation natural gas cogeneration standards
  • Solution delivers higher uptime, lower operating costs and reduced carbon footprint

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (May 22, 2019) – FlexEnergy Inc. today announced that it has commissioned a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution for a significant private university located in California. The University purchased three Flex Turbine® GT333S gas turbine generators as the central element for the CHP solution. Combined, the units provide 1.0 Megawatt of power.

The CHP system is located on campus and serves multiple facilities distributed across 160 acres of university grounds. Heat produced by the Flex Turbines is captured internally and used to generate hot water to support an absorption chiller onsite. Flex Turbines utilize natural gas provided by the local utility as the fuel source. The school is located in an urban environment and the Flex Turbines are outfitted with low sound attenuation to reduce sound levels to 57 dB(A) at 10 meters.  The cogen system helps boost overall site efficiency.

The FlexEnergy solution replaces a legacy system powered by a reciprocating engine generator. Campus power demand has outgrown the existing system, and the University sought to reduce operating costs by implementing a CHP solution with higher uptime performance, lower maintenance costs and cleaner emissions. Using the clean-burning Flex Turbine, which is certified by the California Air Resources Board, will reduce the University’s carbon footprint, improve sustainability and save money.

The CHP project was developed in collaboration with FlexEnergy’s sales agent, Energy & Environment, Inc. Energy & Environment is an industrial engineering firm with 19 years of experience and specializes in the development, design and implementation of advanced environmental technologies.

Amir Sadari, President of Energy & Environment, said, “Our collaboration with FlexEnergy was essential to the successful commissioning of this project. The proven and reliable design of the Flex Turbine makes it an ideal option for our customers looking to upgrade the performance of their Combined Heat and Power solutions.

Mark Schnepel, President of FlexEnergy said, “Combined Heat and Power applications are part of our core business and the Flex Turbine has proven a reliable, cost-competitive option for organizations seeking to maximize the economics associated with the operating, heating and cooling of their facilities. Universities and other educational institutions with multiple buildings, including lecture halls, classrooms, medical facilities, sports facilities and offices need quiet and reliable heat and power solutions that meet their sustainability goals. We are pleased to work with Energy & Environment to provide a reliable and efficient solution for their customers.

About FlexEnergy

FlexEnergy is a manufacturer of natural gas powered microturbines and custom-fit heat exchangers. The company’s Application Engineering group develops combined heat and power solutions designed to produce specific performance outcomes for leading organizations worldwide. The Flex Turbine® is the highest quality and most robust natural gas powered microturbine available in its class, developed over the course of two decades by Ingersoll Rand before being acquired by FlexEnergy in 2010. Flex Turbine technology is ultra-reliable, has low maintenance requirements, produces the least emissions of any competing option and has wide fuel tolerance without any special configuration from the factory. FlexEnergy heat exchangers offer durability and class-leading performance in extreme heat environments. FlexEnergy is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


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